In Art Inspiring Art Blackfish member and longtime Portland artist Judith Wyss riffs on artists who have inspired and challenged her, often leaving witty clues in the titles for discerning viewers to play sleuth. Some of these works—in watercolor, collage, and three dimensions—pay homage to cartoonists like Barry Blit. Wyss says, “I wanted to be a graphic artist—partially because I like to read. I love books. Luckily, I didn’t take graphic design in art school because I got so much from majoring in drawing.”

Paul Missal Iconic Blackfish artist Paul Missal presents major retrospective pieces from five decades of works on paper in a show entitled Learning How to See. An influential teacher for legions of Portland artists, Missal never stopped being a student himself and often returns to the source of that wonder; he recalls being ill as a child and having his mother teach him to draw the tree outside his bedroom as a distraction.