Poet and playwright Merridawn Duckler and painter Christopher Shotola-Hardt joined forces to produce an explosion of visual art and poetry for their two-person show this month. Their unusual collaboration, a virtual call and response of artistic expression, includes poems in the form of paintings, traditional paintings, text pieces, plus conceptual and installation work, all circling around the theme of birds or Aves, the Latin term for this large group of feathered vertebrates.

OREGON POETRY ASSOCIATION Open Mic Reading: Saturday, October 3, 7:30 pm – 9 pm
The OPA’s annual conference open mic takes place at Blackfish, in coordination with Merridawn Duckler’s and Christopher Shotola-Hardt’s exhibit. The artists will speak about their collaboration followed by a poetry reading. (for more info: oregonpoets.org)

PERFORMANCE: Saturday, October 24, 8 pm
Play: The Restore, by Merridawn Duckler