BARBARA BLACK + ANGELA PASSALACQUA - Seduced by Improbable Images

Show runs July 31-September 1

First Thursday, August 2, 6-9 pm

Barbara Black’s 52-year career in art spans painting, collage, drawing, sculpture, teaching and founding Blackfish Gallery in 1979 with 19 fellow artists. Throughout, her artistic aesthetic has remained consistent, demanding “tribute to dreams and the power of the muse,” as she describes it. In a fluid process that moves back and forth through changes in imagery, media and form, and often entails a chance-heavy pouring and brushing of acrylic pigment in successive layers, Black recreates a dream state as she works. In this open-ended environment, “recognizable images may resolve out of an eclectic repertoire of symbols,” she says.

Angela Passalacqua’s latest images hint at worlds just beyond the limits of human perception. Her figures are chimeras or recombinants—imaginary creatures that meld human and animal spirits in the quest for enhanced abilities and a longing for something greater than mortality.

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