past exhibition

DECEMBER 2015: Tori Bryer & Palmarin Merges: Recent Works


Improvisation and intuition, in Tori Bryer’s twenty years of printmaking experience, yield elegant, lyrical meditations on composition. The color-drenched monotypes emerge from a complex layering process that involves actual botanical samples and a dozen or more passes through the printing press, isolating and emphasizing qualities found in nature, such as movement, rhythm and asymmetry.

In her current series of intimate works on paper, Palmarin Merges has invented a mythological landscape that draws on the Australian Aborigine tradition of sacredness of place, storytelling and close connection to one’s environment. Adapting these pictorial traditions, such as the use of lines and dots, Merges’ mythology focuses on the places closest to her in proximity and feeling, reflecting city dwellers’ “real, tangible world of natural things”: worm bins, chickens, garden plants, home objects, and favorite neighborhood spots.

Fishbowl 1 Artist: 
Michael Knutson
Fishbowl 2 Artist: 
Taylor Robenalt