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TORI BRYER and JIM NEIDHARDT / Backroom: Stephan Soihl


During the month of November 2009, Blackfish Gallery presents an exhibition of new work byTori Bryer and Jim Neidhardt. The show opens Tuesday, November 3rd and continues through Saturday, November 28th. An opening reception will be held on First Thursday, November 5th from 6-9 pm at the gallery.

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Tori Bryer’s new series of work is entitled Knots. The theme of knots is a departure from her previous work in that she is concentrating on smaller units of energy, form and line to develop a painting. She favors flowing curvilinear lines and forms, strong color, movement and energy. Bryer remarks, “All knots I have used are continuous with no beginning or end and they all can be untwisted into a circle. I am intrigued to make the knots independent but related entities which coexist in a painting. By chance I saw an actual complicated sailor’s knot in a rope and noticed the potential for various shapes and configurations to put in a painting. I then searched for knot charts on Wikipedia and found the most interesting were those used to illustrate knot theory, the area of topology that studies mathematical knots. These knots differ from ordinary knots, e.g. shoelace ties, in that the ends are joined together to prevent it from becoming undone. I don’t pretend to understand mathematical knots beyond this. I just like the illustration used to depict knots”.

Bryer’s paintings are acrylic on canvas and panel with a few monotypes in lithographic ink on paper. Sizes range from 52” x 42” to 30” x 22 ½”.

Jim Neidhardt is intoxicated with the form of books, subsequently his show is entitled Book Drunk. Neidhardt writes: “This show of paintings records my search for the faint echo of leather hard-bound volumes that have slipped into obscurity”.

“The images are all about the Book as a static, soundless object. Forget what’s inside; this is involved with exterior. We don’t need to see the pages; we don’t need to read any content. These paintings reflect the impression that the book shape makes on us”.

“My obsession with the Book may have driven me to retaliate on these poor volumes. Perhaps it reveals a sadistic nature at work because in the process of rendering the book object I have begun to attack the form itself. In this, my second of two book shows, I have moved from ‘book lover’ to ‘book destroyer’”.

Neidhardt’s paintings are acrylic on canvas; size 36” x 36”.


STEPHAN SOIHL -- "Suspended Elements: Tilted Shaft" mixed media hanging sculpture and watercolors

Video on YouTube - Stephan Soihl

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