past exhibition

SEPTEMBER 2019: Pattern Building | Lynda Ater -- Urban Framents | Rory ONeal


As an artist and a scientist, Lynda Ater makes art that combines abstracted biologic forms with the dynamics of color interaction. At her day job she used a microscope to examine cell samples from patients for signs of cancer. The abnormal cells are visually fascinating, having variable shapes both subtle and extreme. By taking these microscopic forms out of the lab and presenting them anew—in paint on canvas—Ater gives them a different life, one of playfulness and intrigue instead of sickness and dread.

In Urban Fragments, Rory ONeal’s photos continue his exploration of the urban landscapes found in large cities, capturing bits and pieces of the city that go unnoticed, with the intent of making the viewer aware of their unique and special beauty. In his recent work, ONeal has ventured into the use of long exposures at night. This exhibition features black and white large-scale photographs.

Artist's talk Saturday, 9.21.2019, 1pm at the gallery.