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Carol Benson creates expressionistic pieces made from recycled canvas remnants which she has which she has sewn, woven, braided, and finally painted thickly with oil paint to make large works that extend outward from the wall, bridging a gap between traditional flat paintings and sculptural pieces. A trip to Turkey in 2010 influenced her work, with a visual feast of colors and textures that she experienced in the bazaars. That initial influence, combined with a lifelong fascination with women’s traditional handwork led to the fabrication of these pieces, through which Benson expresses a kinship to those women. “Art must not mean, but be.”

Knutson’s works over the past ten years have been composed of transparent spiraling forms, ovals or the spaces in between called lattices. The spirals serve as armatures, but they also create vortices that activate the field, like the movement of water or wind. The spatial ambiguity of the slippery, overlapping, off-kilter shapes, the clamor of contrasting colors and the sneaky underlying symmetry of the fields vie for attention. Someone once said that “the paintings lead one to consider not What one is seeing, but How one is seeing.”