past exhibition

MARCH 2016: Nathan Orosco - The Slip Away -- Theresa Redinger - Still/Moving


Theresa Redinger slides nimbly between two-dimensional drawings and sculpture in her latest, immersive installation. Redinger uses physical actions, explored with her own body, to generate ideas for her art work. The results—compositions in charcoal, pastel, and colored pencil, and mixed-media sculptural installations—capture a glimpse of motion and stillness in dancing and boxing.

A native of industrial West Texas, Nathan Orosco brings his version of “Mexican labor” to the gallery with art materials that reflect his history and heritage: steel, bronze, and glass, the materials of 20th-century industry (pointedly unrelated to 21st-century tech). In The Slip Away familiar forms reveal how the subconscious feeds on the visible world, offering up to the viewer a readable reflection of the artist’s idiosyncratic inner process and concerns.