past exhibition

MAY 2019: LAUREN CARRERA: Museo du Profundo Mundo presents: THE ASCENT OF MAN


Carrera’s Museo engages us at the outset with the mystery and surprise of the museum-going experience—mixing pristine displays of collected and classified “specimens” with the wonder that arises through encounters with the strange and uncategorizable. Presiding over the room, and providing themes picked up throughout the show, the giant diorama featuring “the nuclear family” calls to mind Darwin’s Descent of Man while prompting reflection on the road we are all currently traveling.

Celebrating the beauty and wonder of the natural world and the scientific need to classify and display natural objects, Carrera stimulates our thinking by employing unexpected variations in scale, using familiar materials in unfamiliar ways, and offering paintings and specimens that honor the presentation of scientific knowledge and discovery.

Artist's talk, Saturday, May 18 @ 11 a.m. With Monica Mitchell playing violin.

Lauren's website can be found here.