past exhibition

SEPTEMBER 2016 - Michael Knutson - Recent Paintings & Monotypes | Carol Benson - Sewn Constructions


Michael Knutson’s meticulously-rendered, eye-popping images of spiraling ovoids are realized through a complex technical process of drawings on paper, digital manipulation, and a final stage committed to the hand-made and physical in oil, watercolor, or monotype. Their creation is exacting and precise, but he admits to being a “diehard romantic,” aspiring to create geometric spaces as organic and complex as Monet’s water gardens and Pollock’s fractal drips and pours.

Recycling comes into play in Carol Benson's recent works. She uses leftover pieces of canvas from other painters, which she cuts, shapes, and sews to produce variations on the traditional format of oil-on-canvas works. These paintings depart from conventional representation of three-dimensionality on a flat surface; rather they become three-dimensional objects that project out from the flatness of the wall.

Gallery Talk, Saturday, September 10, 1 pm

Back Room Show: 
Yoonhee Choi
Fishbowl 2 Artist: 
Razia Roushan