past exhibition

JUNE 2016: Mandy Stigant - Vary Plenty David Selleck - Couch Paintings


For her show Vary Plenty, ceramic artist Mandy Stigant has created a body of vessels that celebrate gardening, food, abundance and home. The works include baskets for gathering produce, fermenting crocks, tea sets, cups and bottles. This body of work springs from a new source for Stigant, who is known for conceptual wall and freestanding sculpture: the bounty and exuberance of vegetable gardening and the community that gathers around the growing, preparing and sharing of food.

A highly developed sense of color, pattern and play contribute to David Selleck’s addictively pleasurable images, which tell stories just outside the viewer’s reach. Humor and fun are the end points for the artist who sees his work as an escape valve from “this too serious world.” But there’s nothing frivolous about Selleck’s craft: “The imagery may be quirky,” he notes, “but the formal foundation of my work is dead serious.”

Gallery Talk/Pickling Demo with Mandy Stigant: Saturday, June 18 | 2 pm