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OCTOBER 1018: Lauren Carrera: Genus Allegorious | Christopher Shotola Hardt: Elegy for the Birds


For her New Member show at Blackfish Gallery, sculptor and painter Lauren Carrera offers two installations that further her examination of the interplay between science and art. Her Aviary wall assemblages and The Study, a sculptural installation on floor and wall, employ found and hand-painted objects as well as collage and hand made paper shoes (The Study).

Portland’s “put a bird on it” mentality receives a firm rebuke in the hands of painter Christopher Shotola-Hardt, whose avian imagery is the product of careful observation, deep appreciation and empathy. Never mere decoration, birds are both muse and indicator species for Shotola-Hardt, whose paintings combine complex visual references to art history, religion, architecture, decorative arts and ecology. “By depicting endangered and extinct birds alongside common birds with my brand of mark-making and surface effects,” he says, “I aim to portray my avian subjects as somewhat vulnerable and fragile.”

Back Room: Palmarin Merges shows new work stemming from her residency at Textile Hive and in conjunction with Portland Textile Month.

Back Room Show: 
Palmarin Merges
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Palmarin Merges