past exhibition

FEBRUARY 2018: Kanetaka Ikeda: Parts of the Cosmic Tree - Guests: Alan Lau, Christy Wyckoff - New Member: Monica Mitchell


Sculptor Kanetaka Ikeda unveils the latest iteration of his Cosmic Tree this month, a subject that sprang from a vivid, cosmological dream experienced 30 years ago. “Imagine invisible lines of gravity and dark matter as branches and trunks of a cosmic tree,” Ikeda suggests.

Seattle painter, poet, journalist Alan Lau brings a new series of mixed media works on rice paper. “Quiet Days,” notes Lau, “is an unofficial record of solitude and the shaping of memory when the heat of summer swooned and fell into the chill of autumn’s rain.”

Christy Wyckoff’s oil paintings and woven paper pieces traverse similar territory in radically different ways, utilizing a flattened pictorial space and a reduced color palette to explore an interwoven field of branches and limbs in the natural world.

Monica Mitchell creates sculptural installations composed of found objects, discarded clothing, shoes, household industrial materials and duct tape. Through tactile materials and color, these installations convey a sense of order and chaos. They are explorations of ideas about mythology, gender roles, masquerade and consumerism.

These artists will give at artist's talk at Blackfish on Feb. 24th, 2pm.