past exhibition

JULY 2015: 20th Annual Recent Graduates Exhibition


Define oneself or show others the way? The great thing about being an artist is that you
can do both, simultaneously, and the 20th Annual Recent Graduates Show is one of the best places to see this phenomenon in action.

The exhibit juxtaposes ageless themes such as dread, anxiety and courage; loss, imagination and transcendence; and process and change in the natural world with more present day concerns, like social boundaries in public transit and the value of gardening and cooking.

How are cultural narratives created and what is the role of institutional authority in framing perceptions of reality? How are expectations and ideals of women embedded in cultural language? How can photography be a form of automatic drawing and what does that say about the nature of photographic reproduction? You’ll find Oregon’s top art school grads grappling with these and many more questions in this one-of-a-kind exhibit.