past exhibition

APRIL 2015: Clint Brown, Rory ONeal - Implicit Ambiguities


Clint Brown shows paintings with compressed interior spaces like shallow stages, offering stop-action domestic dramas in a pleasure and puzzle of color, form, and narrative.

Straddling performance and sculpture, Rory ONeal's hats, wigs, and headpieces, made entirely from paper, reference the artist's history in the Portland drag scene. Catch a glimpse on First Thursday (and throughout the month) of ONeal activating one of his creations, transformed in drag.

Artist Talk with Clint Brown - Saturday, April 25, 2:30 pm
Nude vs. Naked: An abbreviated history of the figure in art

Back Room Show: STOREFRONT REVISITED An exhibit of relics from the Storefront Actors' Theatre, 1970-1991 Mounted by Triangle Productions

Fishbowl 1 Artist: 
Merridawn Duckler