past exhibition

DECEMBER 2016: Clint Brown - On The Move | Judith Wyss - Catastrophes


Clint Brown’s career-long focus on the human figure takes a new turn in his latest series of paintings, which explore the rhythmic structure of the human body in motion within flat fields of color. Brown addresses the subject through his signature electric palette, using directional brushstrokes and slashes of color to sculpt form and suggest movement. His abstract environments highlight the vitality and personality of his subjects, distinctly modern, active urbanites, clad in body hugging spandex.

The artist studio is a sacrosanct space. Often artists feel that their creativity abides in that space, wedged in the cracks between floor planks and stuffed into multiple nail holes in the walls. When Judith Wyss was dislodged from her Troy Laundry studio of 35 years, it felt traumatic, even catastrophic which led to a series of paintings depicting iconic Portland buildings under siege from the four elements. With these images, Wyss transposed the personal catastrophe of her displacement onto Portland’s cityscape.