past exhibition

NOVEMBER 2018: Clint Brown: Distraction | Bill Rades: New Work


November’s Blackfish Gallery exhibit by artist-member Clint Brown and guest Bill Rades of Lakewood, Washington, represents a reunion of two artists who first met as undergraduate art students. Their serious commitment to pursuing a career as artists evolved into a lifelong friendship.

In Clint Brown's Distraction series, the artist takes on the ordinary--cell phones that keep us informed and in touch, but also distracted and tethered--and presents iconic images of people whose attentions are "dialed in" to their smart phones. The works on paper are brilliantly colored mixed media and and quieter studies in charcoal.

Guest artist Bill Rades' New Work continues his reliance on unfamiliar media and invented processes to push himself into new territory, resulting in highly stylized compositions whose elements touch, bump, and push each other in space. Success for him is work that is "fresh and startling" to his, and accordingly to the viewers' sensibilities.

Back Room Show: 
Roya Motamedi