past exhibition

APRIL 2018 - Carol Benson: Pieced and Sewn Paintings | Michael Knutson: Split and Rotational Fields


Carol Benson begins by collecting pieces of bare canvas left over from other artists' canvas-on-wood stretchers, which she hand sews into three-dimensional, wall-mounted constructions. These works are connected to the artist’s deep commitment to feminism and an appreciation for women’s often-anonymous and under-esteemed handwork—quilting, lace-making and weaving, for example. In utilizing classic art materials—oil paint on canvas—in combination with some traditional techniques of women’s creative handwork, Benson insists that the latter assume its rightful place among the visual arts.

Michael Knutson crafts vertiginous and slippery geometric pictorial spaces with striking visual punch. His deliberate, somewhat compulsive and relentless process involves hand-drawing, photoshop manipulation to achieve multiple mirrored and rotated layers, and painting in oil on canvas. The colors mixtures follow a strict system in which specific colors are coded to the layers of overlap. Viewers will find their own associations, however for Knutson, his paintings "are only about making complex images that have their own pictorial logic (or illogic).”

Back Room Show: 
Stephan Soihl
Fishbowl 1 Artist: 
Michael Knutson