past exhibition

MAY 2015: Barbara Black and Angela Passalacqua Transparency: Uncovering What is Hidden


Time is as central to Barbara Black’s work as acrylic paint and water. Her series of abstract landscape paintings on paper—terra incognita—involves a process of piling up washes of colors on non-absorbent paper and allowing them to dry for a very long time. That period spent waiting is the pivotal ingredient to these works. “It’s only when I arrive the next day at the studio that I am able to see how the different pigments have interacted with each other,” Black explains. “It’s like finding a bottle washed up on shore with fragments of a poem as well as gibberish.”

In Angela Passalacqua’s new work, the artist attempts to paint what is hidden or obscured, embracing transparency as a vehicle into the unknown or partially perceived. “Looking through surfaces to discover
what lies underneath captures simultaneous moments like a cross section of time,” she notes. “Things happen on the surface that are connected to what lies below.”

Artists’ Talk: Saturday, May 30, 2015 | 11:00 am