past exhibition

NOVEMBER 2016: Angela Passalacqua & Barbara Black - LEAVING TROY


This summer Portland’s oldest studio co-op fell victim to sharply rising costs of real estate, displacing and scattering dozens of artists who had been in shared creative community at Troy Laundry for decades. Mid-preparation for their show, artists Angela Passalacqua and Barbara Black hauled out boxes of supplies, years of prints, paintings, ephemera, and artworks in an exodus from their long time artistic life as studio mates and fellow artists at Troy. Their show reflects these excavations, losses and displacements while recognizing that upheaval and disruption can cast former themes and inspirations in a new and surprising light.

"Beauty Exiled?"
a panel discussion, moderated by Merridawn Duckler
Sunday, November 20, 2 pm, Blackfish Gallery, open to the public